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Integrated 6A Buck Regulator Delivers High Efficiency in a Low Profile

April 09, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Murata has claimed the world’s lowest-profile, most efficient, fully integrated 6A buck regulator. The new module’s footprint is 30 percent smaller than the nearest competitive solution and has a 25 percent lower profile without sacrificing efficiency.

The MYTNA1R86RELA2RA dc-dc converter is designed for 2-cell, 3-cell and 12V point-of-load applications where high efficiency, a low profile and small solution size are critical. The buck regulator features an input voltage range of 6.0V to 14.4V and a programmable output of 0.7V to 1.8V at up to 6A. The buck regulator’s peak efficiency exceeds 90 percent for 12V input to 1.8V output.

With dimensions of 9mm x 10.5mm x 2.1mm (L × W × H), the module integrates all passive components, including bulk output capacitance, to meet exacting transient load requirements. As such, fewer additional external components are required for most applications.

The module footprint is 30 percent smaller than the nearest competitive solution and has a 25 percent lower profile whilst efficiency is more than 10 percent higher than competing products. As the product requires fewer additional external components, the typical solution footprint is approximately 50 percent of any alternative product on the market.

Due to the product’s unique power architecture, benefits include an approximate 5x reduction in input ripple, lower EMI and a wide temperature range of -40°C to +105°C with derating.

Target markets and applications include telecoms, base stations, networking switches, routers, micro-servers, SSDs, PCIE add-in cards and high- performance mobile computing platforms. The MYTNA1R86RELA2RA will be sampling and in mass production in Q2 2020.

“When we introduced the first generation of this product last year, it was the world’s smallest, most efficient fully integrated 6A buck regulator,” said Kenji Saito, Senior Manager of Marketing, Low Power Product, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “This new buck regulator, the MYTNA1R86RELA2RA, builds on that module’s success and features an even lower profile, smaller size and higher efficiency. This innovative advancement is achieved by using Murata’s latest technology and research developments in power architectures, packaging and passive components.”