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Infineon Technologies Announces CoolSET F2 Family of ICs

June 21, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Infineon Technologies (Germany) announced its second generation of integrated multi-chip power ICs, designated the CoolSET F2 family. Like the first CoolSET generation, CoolSET F2 integrates a power MOSFET in CoolMOS technology with a fixed-frequent pulse-width modulator control IC into a DIP-8 package, of which six pins are active. The CoolSET F2 family is suitable for use in battery chargers for mobile phones and portable devices, adapters for organizers and digital cameras, printers and fax machines, DVD players and set-top boxes, and auxiliary power supplies used in personal computers and washing machines.

The CoolSET F2 family features output power ranging from 10W up to 47W or 60W. The solutions are available with drain-source break-down voltages of both 650V and 800V, for output currents of 1A to 3A. The primary voltage ranges from 85V to 265V. Protection features include current-mode control with integrated overshoot-minimizing, MOSFET temperature sensing and an integrated under-voltage lockout function. The devices further feature an external shunt, a user-defined soft-start function and an extended pulse-duty factor. Additional protection functions are over-current protection, open-loop protection and over-voltage protection, all including auto-restart.

“Compared to components produced in standard MOSFET technology, devices in CoolMOS technology reduce the area-specific resistance Rds(on) by a factor of five,” said Dr. Reinhard Ploss, head of the automotive and industrial business group at Infineon. “It is Infineon’s goal to offer intelligent power management and supply solutions that substitute heatsinks in the long term.”

The CoolSET F2 family derivatives ICE 2A165, ICE 2A265, ICE 2A365 and ICE 2A280 are available in sample quantities. In quantities of 10,000, the component ICE 2A365 is priced at 0.95 euros.