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Infineon Introduces Next-Generation of Energy-Saving MOSFET Devices

October 26, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Infineon Technologies AG announced its next-generation family of power semiconductors used for dc-dc converter applications in computers, telecommunications and consumer electronics devices. The new OptiMOS® 3 30V N-channel MOSFET family is intended to improve reliability and energy efficiency of 1 to 1.3% in typical power supply applications by featuring impressive performance in key power conversion measures, such as on-state resistance, power density and gate charge.

Infineon designed the OptiMOS 3 family of devices specifically for optimum performance in low-voltage power conversion applications. Devices in the family typically offer 1 to 1.3% improvements in efficiency compared to previous generation products. This seemingly small improvement, which is technically difficult to achieve, can result in significant annual power savings. For example, a 1% improvement in 1,200W server power systems worldwide would result in about 360MW savings per year, potentially eliminating the need for one conventional power plant.

The performance characteristics of OptiMOS 3 technology allow power supply manufacturers to achieve desired performance levels using fewer devices, resulting in a 33% reduction in the number of MOSFETs typically required to implement a dc-dc converter. Infineon will also offer the devices in a new high-performance Shrink SuperSO8 (S3O8) 3 mm x 3 mm package that can yield up to a 60% board space savings required for MOSFETs in converter system designs. In addition to providing the flexibility to develop smaller dc-dc converters for a required power rating, OptiMOS 3 devices can be used to increase the output power of a power supply at a given standard size. Additionally, OptiMOS 3 can extend the life of batteries in notebooks, and provide energy savings in server and telecommunications systems.

The OptiMOS 3 power MOSFET in a SuperSO8 package has a maximum rated RDS(on) of only 1.6mW, which is approximately 30% lower than the next-best similar device. This low RDS(on) minimizes conduction losses and on-state power dissipation, allowing higher power densities. The low-gate charge allows the OptiMOS 3 devices an easier drive, so less-expensive drivers can be used. In addition, the improved figure of merit (FOM) decreases the load for the driver by 30% thus significantly decreasing the operating temperature of the driver by almost 10°C at 400kHz switching frequency compared to the nearest competitor, so less energy is lost as heat.

The new OptiMOS 3 30V power MOSFET family will be available in eight package types, with over 80 devices differing in RDS(on). OptiMOS 3 is available now in high-volume quantities. For example, the BSC016N03LSG, with RDS(on) of 1.6mW, is available in a SSO8 package at a 10,000-piece price of less than $1.00. In a S3O8 package, the price of a 3.5 mW device is less than $0.70.