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Glary Power Introduces New High Power Module

September 13, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Glary Power Technology has announced its new UH48050N20B-A0 ultra high power half-brick module, with a maximum 500W (5V-100A) of power delivery and 91% conversion efficiency. Featuring a simpler construction and easier adaptability to mass production, the UH48050N20B-A0 module was designed with a patented Buck-Reset topology and unique single-board, single-side component structure. The integrated 5.0mm Sink-Plate helps this module achieve high thermal performance for the delivery of high current under extreme environmental conditions.

Thanks to its high power density (200W/in3) and high efficiency, this module can meet the space saving and difficult thermal cooling requirements in different application fields such as Telecom, Semiconductor Test, and High-Performance Computing Systems or other high power, high-reliability equipment. The high power delivery and small size can support on-board multiple VRM/POL for multiple processors with very high efficiency to cross the 36~75V input range. Due to its industrial standard pin out and footprint design, system designers can upgrade their system performance by replacing the original module in the board with the UH48050N20B-A0.

This module features a 2.0k Vdc isolation rating designed to meet international safety standards, including EN60950 and CSA/UL60950, providing full protection functions such as OVP, OTP, OCP, and input UVLO. It includes output voltage trim that enables the output to be adjusted between 90% and 110% of nominal.

The UH48050N20B-A0 module is available now, is priced at $95 each for 1K, and the typical lead-time is 8 weeks.