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GarrettCom Adds Hardened Edge Switch to PoE Line

April 25, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

GarrettCom™ Inc., has added an industrial-grade PES42P Power Source Edge Switch to its line of Magnum™ Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches that support clusters of IP video surveillance cameras or Ethernet-enabled industrial access control devices.

The PES42P edge switch is designed to support up to four surveillance or access control devices as well as a fiber trunk back to a central control point. This makes the product suitable for applications such as traffic monitoring and control where up to four cameras at an intersection can be hooked to a single PES42P switch. This still leaves fiber ports that can daisy-chain with other intersections for high-bandwidth, secure transmission to the central monitoring point. Using the same principles, the PES42P can support access control and video monitoring at a warehouse, and security for areas such as shopping mall parking lots and transportation terminals.

"Ethernet is the only affordable protocol available that can support the bandwidth requirements of security systems such as video cameras, wireless access, badge readers, and print and iris readers," said Frank Madren, GarrettCom President. "A huge number of heavy-duty PoE products – both Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Powered Devices (PD) – have entered the industrial market, and more are on the way. GarrettCom is going one step further by providing a flexible edge-connectivity switch that allows PoE ports to coexist with combinations of regular fiber and copper ports. With growing numbers of industrial facilities such as power substations standardizing on the Ethernet protocol, PoE is an obvious choice for remote applications – particularly video security and VoIP."

The growing list of PoE devices available for industrial systems now include devices such as video cameras, access control devices, rugged VoIP phones, wireless access points, special-purpose radios, radios, data loggers, and industrial sensors and controllers. The new PoE Power Source Edge Switch offers 17 different port configurations with a -48Vdc power input for PoE and outdoor temperature rating to address a wide variety of application needs. Prices start at $690.

GarrettCom claims to be the only supplier offering a line of heavy-duty PoE Power-Sourcing switches, ranging from small 4-port edge switches to rugged 32-port managed switches with Gb backbones. By providing both edge switch and managed switch connectivity, GarrettCom offers the benefits of its powerful MNS management software with its robust cyber security functionality. The company’s Link-Loss-Learn (LLL) functionality offers redundancy in ring and mesh topologies with the PES42P and other Magnum switches to further enhance security applications.