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GaN Device claims Highest Efficiency at Highest Frequency

June 05, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

VisIC Technologies is pleased to announce availability of its new generation of ALL-Switch V22S65A (with an internal SiC diode) and V22N65A (without internal SiC diode). This new version of VisIC's ALL-Switch significantly reduces the MILLER effect enabling readily available, standard drivers to be used in VisIC-based designs. These new devices also reduce the bill of materials required for specific applications.

Extremely effective in hard switching topologies, the V22 series may be used for Zero Voltage Switching or Zero Current Switching topologies. It claims the lowest Rdson among either 650V GaN or SiC MOSFET transistors, and can achieve extremely efficient power conversion with slew rate exceeding 100V/nS.

VisIC Technologies has demonstrated worldwide record with performance of its Half Bridge demonstration board, achieving better than 99.3 % peak efficiency at 200 kHz in a hard-switched topology providing 2.5kW output.

Testing parameters include: Current Mode- Switching frequency 200khz- Dead Time100ns- Vin =401.219Vdc Vout=229.626V Pin=2502W Rise time=11.5ns Efficiency=99.3% Iin=6.2362A Iout=10.822A Pout=2485W Fall Time=18.5ns. In addition, since the threshold voltage exceeds 5V, the devices work well in harsh EMI environments.