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Fujitsu Microelectronics Develops Three New Power Management ICs, the MB3891, MB3892 and MB3893

May 02, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc. (FMI, San Jose, CA) has developed three new power management ICs suitable for use in cellular phones, PDAs and other mobile devices. The devices are intended to address the requirements of digital systems such as CDMA, GSM and W-CDMA. The set includes the MB3891, which was developed specifically for current and future GSM applications and future W-CDMA applications. The other devices, the MB3892 and MB3893A, are low-saturation voltage type ICs developed for use in CDMA and PDC applications. The multi-function ICs exhibit current consumption as low as 100mA.

The MB3891 is designed for use in the new generation of GSM and W-CDMA dual-band/dual-mode phones. This IC includes a variety of power management functions required to support the digital, analog and RF blocks. One of the distinguishing features of this device is a charge pump that includes a logic-level translation circuit to support a SIM-card operating at both 3V and 5V. Other key functions include power-on reset, six LDOs and a temperature protection function. The MB3891, which has a standby current consumption of 400mA maximum, is available in a 64-pin plastic LQFP.

The new MB3892 is designed for use in CDMA and PDC systems. This device includes 12 LDOs, reset control, lithium-ion battery charger, receiver and speaker amplifiers, serial interface, 4-channel D/A converter, LED drivers and a temperature protection function. The MB3892 features current consumption in standby mode of 100mA maximum, and is available in an 80-pin plastic LQFP package.

The MB3893A, which is also designed for use in CDMA and PDC systems, offers four LDOs, a power supply control unit and a charge control unit. The power supply control unit includes a power-on reset function, supply voltage drop detection, supply recovery function and current consumption during standby mode of 110mA maximum. The charge control unit includes a lithium-ion battery charger, and timer detection and temperature detection functions. The MB3893A is available in 48-pin plastic LQFP and TQFP packages.

“Today we are launching our power management IC series in the rapidly growing U.S. market," said Keith Horn, marketing director of FMI's systems solutions group. “Fujitsu has been supplying these devices to leading Japanese cell phone manufacturers for some time now and continues to win new designs. With this proven track record of performance already established by this product family, we're confident they will quickly become popular in the U.S. market."

All of FMI's new power management ICs are currently available, with prices starting at $2.75 each in quantities of one million.