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Forklift Charger Safety Expands with ConnectRx

April 02, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

AeroVironment, Inc. launched a patent-pending advanced version of its ConnectRx™ for its PosiCharge ProCore™ line of electric forklift chargers for the materials handling industry. The advanced ConnectRx™ detects potential connector issues during the charging process, delivering a new level of operational safety; Provides early warning of high connector temperatures with an innovative, dual set point sensor for warning and fault levels; and ProCore™ with advanced ConnectRx combines a sophisticated charge algorithm, battery thermal management and anti-arc technology for unparalleled safety and performance.

“Last year AeroVironment launched ProCore with a focus on performance,” said Ken Karklin, general manager and vice president of AeroVironment’s Efficient Energy Systems business segment. “With its intelligent charging algorithm, companion app for easy configuration, and battery universal design, our goal for ProCore is to improve the performance of our customers’ operations.”

“Adding the advanced ConnectRx to ProCore’s already impressive safety features, such as anti-arc connectors, thermal management and automatic battery watering, makes ProCore a differentiated solution for performance and safety-focused operations,” Karklin added.

The advanced ConnectRx, a standard feature on PosiCharge ProCore, is sophisticated cable connector health monitoring technology designed to detect connector abnormalities during charging sessions. It immediately alerts users to possible charger and battery output problems that could potentially result in damage to the forklifts or facilities and injuries to employees.

In addition to the advanced ConnectRx, PosiCharge ProCore’s anti-arc disconnect feature protects the operator and minimizes wear on the connectors. ProCore’s advanced charge algorithm manages voltage and battery electrolyte temperatures in real time and actively compensates for superior battery-gassing control. The low overcharge and accurate current control featured in ProCore contributes to extended battery life and increased safety.

The new, advanced ConnectRx will be available beginning in spring 2017 as a standard feature on the PosiCharge ProCore series.