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Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces FOD2712 Amplifier

September 16, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor International (Rosemont, IL) announced the introduction of a new optically isolated error amplifier.

The FOD2712 optically isolated error amplifier combines an error amplifier, reference voltage, and optocoupler in an eight-pin small outline package for use in isolated ac-to-dc power supplies and dc-to-dc converters. This allows power supply designers to reduce the component count and save space in tightly packaged designs.

"This unique new product is the result of a joint technology development program between the analog and optoelectronics groups of Fairchild Semiconductor," stated Steve Sherman, Fairchild Semiconductor senior vice president and general manager of the Optoelectronics Group. "The resulting optically isolated error amplifier is an ideal single component solution for power conversion applications."

The optocoupler is a gallium arsenide light-emitting diode optically coupled to a silicon phototransistor, and provides 2,500Vrms isolation. The reference voltage is 1.24V with a +/-1 percent tolerance, the current transfer ratio range is 100 to 200 percent, and the operating temperature range is -40 to +85 degrees C. The FOD2712 has CSA and UL safety agency certifications, and VDE and BSI safety agency certifications have been applied for and are pending.

The price is $0.35 each in 500-piece quantities.