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Fairchild Semiconductor Announces the FS6S Series of Switches

July 01, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor (San Jose, CA) announced the new FS6S Series of switched-mode power supply power switches for CRT monitor flyback power supplies. The FS6S Series offers burst-mode operation for display power-management signaling. This family of power switches integrates a PWM controller with an operating frequency up to 150kHz, and a built-in, current-sensing MOSFET.

The FS6S family provides internal protection, including over-voltage protection, overload protection, thermal shutdown protection and over-current protection. To remove the screen noise generated by the switch action, the FS6S Series turns on its internal MOSFET synchronously with the external sync signal. Additional features include a built-in, auto-restart circuit. The internal high-voltage sense-MOSFET offers 650V minimum.

The FS6S devices are currently available in TO-220 and TO-3P packages. They operate over the extended -25 to 85 degrees C temperature range. Pricing ranges from $1.93 to $2.55 in 1,000-piece quantities. Delivery takes 8 to 12 weeks ARO.