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Fairchild Offers 11 New BGA Packaged MOSFETs

March 20, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor International (San Jose, CA) introduced a total of 11 new MOSFETs, enhancing its portfolio of industry-leading, performance-to-footprint ratio BGA (ball-grid array) packaged MOSFETs. The new devices include single- and common-drain dual devices in both n-channel and p-channel versions. The new parts have breakdown voltage ratings from 20V to 30V, maximum RDS(on) ratings from 75 milliohms to 2.9 milliohms, and are gate-drive voltage specified as low as 2.5V.

The single p-channel products are targeted at a variety of load-management applications, while the single n-channel MOSFETs are suitable for dc/dc converter applications as well as load-management applications. The dual-MOSFET devices are suitable for lithium-ion battery-pack applications.

Fairchild’s BGA packaging offers significant size and performance benefits over traditional leaded packaging devices. BGA MOSFETs can dramatically reduce the overall profile of the circuit board with a 0.76mm maximum mounted height, while achieving very low RDS(on). Additionally, BGA packages consume much less board area than equivalent leaded packages, yet have lower profiles than TSSOP-8, Micro8 and SO-8 packages. The new packaging also allows for top-side heatsinking to further improve the package current density.