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Fairchild Low ICCT Gates Extend Battery Life in Mobile Designs

March 21, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor announced its new Low ICCT gate TinyLogic® devices which are said to provide solutions to reduce the potential of hidden power consumption that can occur in mixed supply voltage mobile designs in feature-rich mobile products such as mobile handsets, smart phones and medical applications.

Fairchild’s TinyLogic low ICCT gates offer up to 99% reduction in quiescent power consumption compared to standard CMOS products when the input high voltage (VIH) is less than supply voltage (VCC). During this state, the quiescent ICCT current will increase and can cause unrecognized power consumption. In most mobile applications, there are multiple supply rails and these differences can create this undesired state on logic gate inputs.

Packaged in an ultra-compact 6-pin MicroPak™ packaging, measuring only 1mm x 1.45mm, TinyLogic low ICCT gates take up minimal board space, making them ideal for space-constrained designs. Additionally, future developments are planned to introduce these products in next-generation MicroPak2™ package (1.0 x 1.0mm), offering a 30% smaller footprint than first generation MicroPak packages.

The units are priced at US$.08 each 1,000 pieces, with a delivery of 6-8 weeks.