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Fairchild Introduces Small Footprint P-channel MOSFET

November 28, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor introduced the FDZ191P, which the company claims is the industry's smallest footprint P-channel MOSFET offering the optimal thermal and electrical performance necessary for power conversion, charging and load management in an array of low-voltage (<20V), high-volume portable electronics.

Applications that particularly benefit from the features of this device include cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, medical devices and other portable products that increasingly pack "smart" functionality into smaller spaces.

As a PowerTrench® MOSFET, the FDZ191P utilizes Fairchild's latest wafer-level chip scale package (WL-CSP), enabling excellent thermal resistance (83C/W) and low RDS(on) (67mΩ at 4.5V). Available in an ultra-small (1.0mm x 1.5mm x 0.65mm) package, the FDZ191P reduces board space by at least 30% compared to similar components, and its 0.65mm maximum package height makes it well-suited to high-density products and ultra-thin consumer product designs. It is also capable of operating down to 1.5V, an important feature in power-management designs. Additionally, the FDZ191P meets all "green" and RoHS standards required by electronic applications worldwide.

"Fairchild's FDZ191P is setting the bar for the ultra-small, high-performance MOSFET market and exemplifies Fairchild's expertise in developing leading-edge packaging technology combined with high-density MOSFET silicon," said Chris Winkler, marketing director, Low-Voltage Power Segment. "Fairchild's growing family of products in 1.0mm by 1.5mm WL-CSP packaging offers designers ideal solutions for meeting the space and power-management circuit challenges presented by low-voltage designs."

This lead (Pb)-free device meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and is compliant with European Union regulations now in effect. The FDZ191P is priced available now, with a 12 week ARO, and is priced at US$ 0.53 (1000 pcs).