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Eltek Valere Offers High-Efficiency Telco Rectifier

January 27, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Eltek Valere announced the Flatpack2 HE Rectifier Module 48/2000, an ac-to-dc power rectifier for telecommunications applications that offers 96% typical power conversion efficiency – said to be the highest level in the industry.

The rectifier is claimed to cut in half the power loss from today’s state-of-the art power conversion technology, reducing the power consumed – and lowering operating costs – for telco services. Telecommunications service providers used 1% of the total electricity consumed in 2007, with over 115 billion kW/h of electricity flowing through ac-dc power systems to power network equipment, according to industry estimates. Approximately 10% of that power is wasted due to power conversion inefficiency.

The Flatpack2 HE is the first in a line of high-efficiency rectifiers that Eltek Valere claims will help carriers reduce their power consumption dramatically. The Flatpack2 HE is a standalone 48V rectifier and battery charger that provides up to 2000W of power for telecom applications.

Flatpack2 HE rectifiers have a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C and a small size making them suitable for remote terminal locations applications. They can also be integrated into systems with an output of up to 100kW for use in central offices. The Flatpack2 HE features a controller area network (CAN) bus interface to allow it to communicate with Eltek Valere’s Smartpack controller or to be integrated into customer cabinets.

The Smartpack controller provides full control and monitoring of rectifiers and other system elements. The Smartpack module has advanced system monitoring with multilevel access and comprehensive battery management. The Smartpack allows remote management via the Web, SNMP, SMS, e-mail or modem.

The rectifier has a voltage input range of 85-300 Vac and a maximum output current of 41.7A. It features protection capabilities including over voltage shutdown, blocking diode, short circuit and high temperature protection. The module has a front-to-back airflow with chassis-integrated heat sinks.

The company claims that the system makes use of new breakthroughs in resonant topology and in digital control to dramatically boost efficiency above today’s industry standards. In addition, the use of digital controls means that total components for the system have been reduced by 40% for increased reliability.

The Flatpack2 HE Rectifier Module 48/2000 is now available, with pricing beginning at $450.