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Easy-to-Use Module for Single-Phase Solar Inverter Designs

April 08, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Vincotech today announced the launch of the new flowSOL 1 BI (TL) high efficiency H6.5 inverter with dual booster designed to ease the development of single-phase solar applications up to 10kW. Efficient, reliable and robust, this module is perfect for higher power multi-PV installations.

The new flowSOL 1 BI (TL) is an innovative module which features a dual booster and three-level H6.5 inverter in a single housing. This smart alternative to conventional solutions reduces power losses by up to 20%.

Its three-level topology reduces filtering effort compared to two-level solutions and its high integration drastically cuts design time compared to discrete or multiple module solutions. The compact flowSOL 1 BI (TL) module’s high power density also helps reduce system weight and is rated for 650V / 50A or 75A.

Solar inverter related applications for the flowSOL 1 BI (TL) are expected to include the primary of a transformer-based solar inverter with resonant switching and transformer-less solar inverters with bipolar modulation with high efficiency/cost ratio.

Features include:

  • Low inductive 12mm flow1 package
  • Booster:
    • Dual boost topology
    • High-speed IGBT + ultrafast FWD
    • Bypass rectifier
  • Inverter:
    • H-bridge topology
    • High-speed IGBT + ultrafast FWD
  • Integrated dc-capacitors
  • Temperature sensor

The new flowSOL 1 BI (TL) is packaged in the low-inductive 82 x 38 x 12 mm flow 1 housing and is available now.