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East Penn Debuts New Deka VR Battery Series

December 10, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

East Penn Manufacturing Co. (Lyon Station, PA) released the Deka valve-regulated (VR) battery series in 125Ah, 250Ah and 375Ah capacities in 2V or 4V configurations. There are five batteries in the new series, the 2VR125E, 2VR250E, 2VR375E, 4VR125E and the low-profile 4VR125EL, with a design life of 12 years at 77 degrees F.

The VR Series uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology with a front-access terminal design. The front-access terminal provides easy access, reducing battery installation times and improving maintenance. The VR AGM design permits the battery system to fit into smaller footprints to deliver more power in less space. The VR Series also features proven epoxy post seals, a built-in flame arrestor, and a flame-retadant PVC jar and cover. Pure lead positive grids slow plate growth and promote low gassing rates extending the VR battery's element life. The VR design also uses positive-pressure resealing safety release valves and durable jar and cover construction preveting electrolyte leakage and minimizing water loss throughout its service-life cycle.