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Dynex Semiconductor Releases SCR Thyristors

May 18, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Dynex Semiconductor Ltd. (Lincoln, UK), a leading power semiconductor technology company, announced the release of the first products in a range of high-efficiency, high-energy, phase-control thyristors (SCRs). The SCR thyristors incorporate process improvements and a new emitter design to achieve improved performance. The new designs offer up to 30 percent more current carrying capacity in a given package. The turn-on and turn-off performance is such that switching losses are significantly reduced. The improved electrical characteristics can be used to reduce cooling system costs or increase the power density of a system.

The first release is an array of 30 SCR thyristors ranging in size from 38 mm to 88 mm, and in voltages from 2,200 V to 8,500 V. The devices will eventually replace and extend the existing product line. All the products are rated at full repetitive voltage from –400 °C to +1,250 °C. Samples of the DCR5450W22, DCR4100W42, DCR2270Y65, DCR2400B85 and DCR1840Y85 are now available. The products offer current ratings of 5,450 A at 2,200 V through to 1,840 A at 8,500 V.

The devices are offered in standard ceramic packages. The packages can optionally accommodate internal arc shields for improved case rupture rating. The i2 thyristor (SCR) range will be extended to larger diameters and higher voltages later this year.