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Dual-Channel Isolated MOSFET Gate Driver ICs with Accurate and Stable Timing

December 20, 2018 by Paul Shepard

The dual-channel isolated EiceDRIVER™ product family from Infineon is designed for the use in high-performance power conversion applications. Very strong 4A/8A source/sink dual-channel gate drivers increase efficiency in CoolMOS™ and OptiMOS™ MOSFET half-bridges.

Typical applications are expected to include telecom dc-dc, servers, industrial SMPS, uninterruptible power systems, battery-powered systems, EV-charging, general dc-dc converters and smart grid systems.

The low propagation delay of 37ns, combined with highly accurate and stable timing overtemperature and production, enables further efficiency gains within and across galvanically isolated power stages or in multi-phase/multi-level topologies.

The availability of functional and reinforced isolated drivers in different packages makes these devices suited for both primary side and (safe) secondary side control. Gate driver outputs come with a high 5A reverse current capability and 150V/ns CMTI robustness for high dv/dt power loops. For slower switching or driving smaller MOSFETs, 1A/2A peak current product variants are available as well.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to use small form factor driver + isolation in one package
  • Fast 4A/8A and 1A/2A gate drivers with only 37ns propagation delay for improved power efficiency
  • Stable and high resolution PWM timing accuracy within- and across power stages for optimizing full- and light load efficiency
  • Galvanic isolation with 150V/ns CMTI robustness for noisy high voltage MOSFET power switching environment
  • Competitive overall system component cost at improved protection
  • Faster time to market with planned UL1577, VDE0884-1x, IEC60950/62386 reinforced safety certificates

Product key features

  • Fast power switching with accurate timing
    • Available with 4A/8A and 1A/2A source/sink currents
    • Propagation delay typ. 37ns with 3ns channel-to-channel mismatch
    • Delay variation ~14ns
  • Optimized for area and system BOM › Isolation and driver in one package
    • Low power dissipation due to low on-resistance
    • Output stages with 5A reverse current capability
  • Robust design against switching noise
    • Floating drivers are able to handle large inductive voltage over- and undershoots
    • Very good common mode transient immunity CMTI >150V/ns
    • Undervoltage lockout function for switch protection
  • Output to output channel isolation
    • Functional level galvanic isolation
  • Input to output channel isolation
    • Functional and reinforced galvanic isolation