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Diotec Semiconductor Unveils FT2000 Series Diodes

June 29, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Diotec Semiconductor AG (Heitersheim, Germany) unveiled its new FT2000 Series of bipolar diodes that are a competitive alternative to high blocking Schottky diodes. The low forward voltage drop of less than 0.94 V at 20 A reduces forward losses. The parts come in a TO-220 package and feature blocking voltages of up to 400 V. The FT2000 Series is suitable as bypass diodes in solar panels, where low forward losses, but high ruggedness against voltage spikes caused by lightning is needed.

The new solar rectifiers are manufactured by using the environment-friendly Plasma-EPOS process, which eliminates all aggressive chemicals during chip processing. The semiconductor die, however, still feature a double passivation, making them both reliable and rugged. The FT2000 Series complements an existing range of bypass diodes, available in axial leaded packages. The SMD devices are currently under development.