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Delta Introduces Energy-Efficient LED Backlight & General LED Lighting Modules

November 05, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Delta Electronics, Inc. announced that it has developed an advanced, energy-saving LED backlight module (BLM), which possesses a key patent portfolio, and is said to allow LEDs to achieve a maximum homogeneous illumination. The LED BLM is claimed to feature electricity saving, good heat dissipation performance, a wide gamut range, and a reduced number of LEDs.

"Delta is pleased to cooperate with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). We have a solid foundation in the fields of BLM, key components, and lighting." said Roland Chiang, Director of the CPBG Advanced Lighting Business Department at Delta Electronics. "Our cooperation with the Material and Chemical Research Laboratories of ITRI has provided a number of patents which apply to lighting. This cooperation has added the new LED BLM product to Delta’s green energy product roadmap and has furthered Delta’s mission in the promotion of energy-saving and environmental protection."

LED BLM technology can be applied to many products, ranging from small cellular phones, to large outdoor exhibition boards, as well as lighting for both interior and exterior applications. LED BLM technology is described as having the advantages of high power efficiency, good performance in thermal dissipation and substantial reduction of power consumption. In addition, Delta has design-in capabilities for both hybrid LED BLMs and full LED BLMs for TFT-LCD TVs. Compared to traditional CCFL BLMs, hybrid LED BLMs have advantages in increasing red light purity and brightness by mixing cyan CCFLs with red LEDs, increasing the NTSC gamut by 5% and contrast ratio by 44%, and decreasing loss of light due to LCD panel color filter. The advantages of full LED BLMs include the triangular arrangement built on the PCB, which greatly reduces the number of LEDs used by 10%. Other advantages include brightness uniformity of 90%, an NTSC gamut of 100%, and a contrast ratio of 2042.

Delta’s general LED lighting uses 4-wavelength mixed LEDs to increase color rendering index and achieve luminance uniformity. Take the reading lamp for instance, it has customized color temperature segmentation control, which allows for light selection (from 2,800K to 6,500K), and power consumption reduction up to 75% as compared to a regular non-flickering lamp.