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Delta Computer Systems Announces New RMC Family of Motion Control Modules

March 06, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Delta Computer Systems Inc. (Vancouver, WA) announced their new RMC family of motion control modules designed for OEM machine builders for automating, converting or upgrading production line automation systems. The new modules provide motion and pressure control for machinery. They feature a Q1 module, providing a quadrature encoder interface for control of motors and linear actuators; a 16-bit analog interface from the -H1 module, providing analog transducer feedback; and a -D1 module, providing dedicated discrete I/O to the RMCs.

“With these motion controllers, OEM machine builders can achieve smoother control and get better quality from machinery producing everything from turbine blades to titanium shafts for golf clubs," claimed Herb Johanson, Delta's spokesman.

The devices come with Delta's monitor software, RMCWIN.