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DC-DC Converter System Targets the Emerging 380V Data Center Market

October 09, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Alpha Technologies Ltd. announced the launch of the new CXPS 380-48 - 2.0-i modular dc-dc converter system, a modular converter system that produces a 48Vdc output from a 380Vdc source. Unlike other converter plants, the CXPS 380-48 - 2.0-i addresses the emerging 380V data center market with a distributed converter architecture. By equipping an IT equipment cabinet with the CXPS 380-48, a data center operator can accommodate 48V equipment while transitioning to a 380V architecture.

“Data center operators are seeking ways to lower their operational expenses,” said Mourad Chergui, Product Manager – DC Products at Alpha Technologies. “Some are moving toward a 380Vdc architecture to reduce the amount of wasted energy. While this transition takes place, there will still be a large amount of 48V equipment. The CXPS 380-48-2.0-i converter system enables the operator to deploy a 380V architecture and still serve 48V loads. Because it is a distributed solution and deployed near the 48V loads, the CXPS 380-48 - 2.0-i provides the operator increased flexibility with tenants and with budget management.”

Alpha CXPS standard power systems bring proven Cordexâ„¢ technology into a standard integrated system package. The CXPS 380-48 - 2.0-i uses high-density 380-48V/2kW converters, a front access distribution center and the integrated CXCI+ system controller. The CXPS 380-48 - 2.0-i is the ideal solution for the emerging 380Vdc data center market distributed architecture, providing up to 150-Amps output. With universal 19/23" mounting, high temperature operation and 12.2" depth, it is a good solution for easy integration into customer provided relay racks or sever cabinets.

The distribution center provides (14) plug-in breaker positions for load distribution, integrated shunt and LVD. All load breaker and controller I/O connections are front accessible. The integrated CXCI+ controller includes a web server, providing easy setup via local or remote IP access, using a standard Windows Internet Explorer browser. The CXCI+ also includes LED indicators and an LCD screen for voltage and current display.