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Datel Announces Model PCI-462 Isolated Board

April 26, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Datel Inc. (Mansfield, MA) announced model PCI-462, a precision-programmable power D/A output and A/D input monitor, configured on a desktop PCI board, which delivers a 22W output. The multichannel isolated board is offered for programmable linear test applications, custom PC-based automatic test equipment and software-controlled manufacturing usage. The system is suitable for testing power supply rejection on development circuits.

The new board includes two unipolar channels of 0 to 20.475V and 0 to -20.475V at 250mA maximum. Also supplied are two 0 to 6.1425V and 0 to 6.1425V channels, each delivering 1A maximum. All four output channels are isolated from the host PCI bus by 250V RMS and can be series connected for either 40V, 1/4A or 12V, 1A applications. Sense feedback offers load regulation. Transient response is 200 microseconds.

The PCI-462 is available from stock to two weeks ARO. It is priced at $1,495 in quantities of 1 to 4.