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Consumer Battery Division of Electric Fuel Intros New Zinc-Air 2,900mAh Disposable Batteries

January 05, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

The Consumer Battery Division of Electric Fuel Corp. (New York) introduced a new line of zinc-air disposable batteries for cellular phones. The new Electric Fuel Zinc-Air Battery line includes 2,900mAh batteries for the Nokia 5100 and 6100 series telephones, for the Ericsson 300, 600 and 800 series, and for the Motorola MicroTAC. The product line also includes an auxiliary 2,900mAh battery for the Motorola StarTAC series and a 4,500mAh ultra-capacity model for the Motorola MicroTAC series.All of the models will be manufactured on a production line at Electric Fuel's Bet Shemesh, Israel facility. The company stated it has decided to move up initial production to May 1999, with serial production to begin in the third quarter. The new batteries are claimed to have the highest capacity per weight and volume available today. "The new product line enables us to meet the requirements of the most popular cell phone models," stated Electric Fuel President and CEO Yehuda Harats. "We have now expanded our potential customer base to include the majority of users, and we have moved up our production target date to meet the expected demand."