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Compact Electric Cylinders with Integrated Stepper Motors

March 27, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Oriental Motor has added the DR Series, the latest compact electric cylinder motion control products. The DR Series is available with an AZ Series or 2-phase PKP Series base motor.

The DR Series is a linear motion actuator that incorporates a precision ball screw into a stepper motor, saving space, saving design and saving the number of parts needed for assembly. All this with guaranteed specifications and performance. Being a compact and complete in design, the DR Series is able to reduce the size of the overall machine.

The DR Series AZ Type offers 4 base cylinder types available; table type, wide table type, rod type and guide rod type with 2 precision ball screws (2.5mm or 1mm). It is based on αSTEP technology with absolute closed loop control and works with any AZ dc input type driver.

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The DR Series PKP Type offers 3 base cylinder types; table type, rod type and guided rod type with a 2.5mm ball screw. It is based on PKP Series 2-phase motor technology and works with any CVD dc input type driver. Available with rear shaft adjusting knob.

Key features of the new DR Series:

  • Available with AZ Series or PKP Series base motor
  • 30mm max stroke length
  • Optional ball screw cover
  • Multiple cable output directions based on cylinder type