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Bel Power Unveils a Series of 1500W Power Supplies Accepting AC or DC Inputs

December 23, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

Providing 12 VDC outputs, the highly efficient new series is aimed at ICT and Datacenter applications

The TET1500 Series of power supplies work from power inputs of either 90 to 305 VAC or 180 to 400 VDC. Fully 1500 watts of output (12 VDC at 125 ADC) is delivered with inputs ranging from 180 to 264 VAC or from 180 to 400 VDC. From inputs of 90 to 180 VAC, the output capability is 69.5 ADC.


The TET1500 Series.
The TET1500 Series. Image source Bel Power


The units are power factor corrected (PFC) devices whose 12 VDC output is suitable for powering intermediate bus architectures for a range of critical applications. The units operate at Titanium-Level Efficiencies and are well-appointed to serve in redundant systems.


What is Titanium Efficiency?

80 Plus Titanium is a measure of power supply efficiency at various power loads. The efficiencies called for depend on the input voltage and whether or not the power supply can be used in a redundant system.

For 230 Volt Internal Redundant Power Supplies the Efficiencies Called For Are:

  • At a 10%  Load: 90% efficiency
  • At a 20%  Load: 94% efficiency
  • At a 50%  Load: 96% efficiency
  • At a 100% Load: 91% efficiency

A complete description of the 80 Plus rating system is given by CLEAResult.


Redundant Power Systems

The output features an active OR-ing device which can ensure no reverse load current. This feature makes the units well suited for operation in redundant power systems. Members of the series are hot-plug capable, and feature parallel operation with active analog current sharing.

Members of the series also provide an always-ON, 16.5 watt programmable (3.5/5 volt) output, suitable for providing power to external power management and distribution controllers.


Black Box Recorder 

The TET1500 Series of power supplies feature a black box recorder to continually monitor the units to enable a quick analysis of any issues that develop during the units’ operation. 

Operational data is recorded into non-volatile memory and is accessible via the I2C serial interface, which employs the well-known Power Management Bus protocol. Through this capability, users can also remotely set up and monitor the power supplies.


Other Features and Specifications

Members of the TET1500 Series are space-efficient devices providing a power density of 35 watts per square inch.

Power factors, at VINs ranging from 230 to 277 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz are:

  • 0.9 for a 10% load
  • 0.98 for 20, 50 and 100% load


The units are provided with front panel LEDs that serve to provide a visual indication of status conditions.

The units are fan-cooled, with speed automatically adjusted based on temperature and power demand. Automatic control can be overridden via the I2C bus.

Bel Power lists six members of the TET1500 Series. Available now are: 



  • Datacenter
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Network switches
  • High availability applications including storage systems


Physical and Environmental Considerations 

  • The unit’s dimensions (width, length and depth), are 54.5 by 40.0 by 321.5 mm and they weigh 1.13 kg.
  • They operate over a range of  -5 to +50℃
  • Members of the series are RoHS compatible