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ASIL Wheel Speed Sensor IC

September 04, 2018 by Paul Shepard

The ARS19200 device from Allegro Microsystems is an ISO 26262 ASIL B (Automotive Safety Integrity Level B) compliant Hall-effect-based integrated circuit (IC) that provides a user-friendly and versatile solution for either magnetic encoders or ferrous targets in two-wire applications.

The ARS19200 is offered in the UB package, which integrates the IC and a high temperature ceramic capacitor in a single over-molded SIP package. The integrated capacitor provides enhanced EMC performance reducing, and in most cases eliminating, the need for external components.

The Hall element spacing is optimized for high resolution and small diameter targets, making the ARS19200 suited for obtaining speed information in wheel speed applications. The package is lead (Pb) free, with Tin lead-frame plating.

The ARS19200 supports true zero-speed operation with single chip sensing IC for high reliability. It includes fully-synchronous digital logic with Scan and IDDQ testing and application-proven algorithms for robust operation in wheel speed environments. The integrated diagnostics and certified safety design process ensure ASIL B compliance.