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Apex Microtechnology Introduces New Hybrid PWM Amplifiers

January 30, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Apex Microtechnology Corp. (Tucson, AZ) recently introduced the SA12 family of hybrid PWM amplifiers designed to put the highest possible combination of power, voltage and switching frequency in a single 3" square package. The SA12 features 200kHz switching frequency, which steps down to 22kHz. It is designed to offer a high-output current at 15A continuous and 20A pulse. It operates off a wide 16V to 200V single supply, and when combined with its current capabilities, translates to a power delivery of up to 3,000W to the load at an efficiency of 97 percent.

According to the company, the SA12 can be used with external oscillators to lower its switching frequency, or it can be designed in synchronization with multiple amplifiers. Complete thermal protection is provided, including a shutdown input to turn off all four drivers on the H-bridge output, high-side current limit, and programmable low-side current limit to protect from shorts to the supply or ground in addition to loads, shorts and MOSFETs on the H-bridge output for direct temperature sensing of the die.

The SA12 is housed in a 12-pin MO-127 power package. Pricing in lots of 100 is $321.