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APC Unveils Two New APC-F501 DC Converters

October 13, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Advanced Power Conversion plc (APC, Farnborough, England) announced two new 500W dc/dc converters designed to extend the options in powering 12Vdc intermediate bus architecture applications. The two new APC-F501 converters expand APC’s range of high-density dc/dc converters with low-profile, industry-standard, full-brick-size (117mm x 63mm x12.7mm) modules of 24Vdc (18V to 36V) and 48Vdc (36V to 75V) input, providing a fully regulated 12Vdc output that is suitable for powering non-isolated, point-of-load converters.

Delivering a high efficiency of up to 86%, the APC converter modules enhance the cost and board real-estate benefits of employing a 12V architecture while also reducing power dissipation and simplifying thermal management. Flexibility is further improved by true single-wire connection for parallel operation between modules. This provides true N+1 redundancy or a simple route to kilowatts of scalable and compact dc power.

With an outstanding power density of 5.53W/cm³ the APC-F501 also employs fixed-frequency operation of 300KHz that can be synchronised to an external clock for noise-sensitive circuits and helps with the design of EMC filters. Both modules feature 2,000Vdc input-to-output isolation, low input and output ripple currents, input transient voltage protection, thermal monitoring voltage to provide early warning of system fault, remote sensing, remote shutdown, output current monitor voltage, thermal protection, and current limit protection.