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Analog Devices Introduces Smallest Isolated DC-DC Converter

December 19, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is expanding its portfolio of digital isolation products with what the company says is the industry’s smallest isolated dc-dc converter. Offering a 5kV rms (root-mean square) isolation rating in a 10 - 10mm package, the ADuM6000 is a 0.5W device that integrates ADI’s proprietary iCoupler digital isolation technology and isoPower dc-to-dc converter.

The new digital isolator allows designers to free up valuable circuit-board real estate while eliminating the time-consuming step of securing medical or other safety approvals (such as IEC-60601-1), all at a fraction of the cost of alternative devices, including optocouplers. Safety is a key requirement in medical and industrial designs, and the ADuM6000 protects the device and end users from exposure to voltage levels that could compromise safety and reliability.

The ADuM6000 digital isolator enables designers to reduce the form factor of their system module or to maintain the same form factor even as they add more features and functions. With alternate solutions, such as optocouplers and separate, isolated dc-to-dc converters, it may not be possible to add new functionality to existing system modules.

Also now available are the ADuM620x series of dual-channel digital isolators that feature isoPower integrated, isolated dc-to-dc converter technology and 5-kV rms isolation rating. The ADuM620x series includes the ADuM6200, ADuM6201 and ADuM6202 digital isolation products that differ by channel configuration.

The units are priced (each, per 1,000) as follows: ADuM6000 at $3.96; ADuM6200 (6201, 6202) at $5.12.