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AC- or DC-Input DualMode Power Modules Feature PMBus Monitoring and Control

June 03, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

ETASIS Electronics Corporation officially announced the availability of two new models - EFRP-G40A and EFRP-G55A - the latest power module solutions, designed to increase power delivery efficiency and increase flexibility and control across many different systems. With ac-dc ETASIS DualMode capabilities, the EFRP-G40A and EFRP-G55A provide more options to keep systems running in emergency situations.

These power modules boast a digital design with PMBus monitoring and control and operate on either 90-264Vac or 192-288Vdc using the same universal input. If run in parallel, the hot-swappable EFRP-G40A and EFRP-G55A can be configured in ac-ac redundancy, dc-dc redundancy or in ac-dc ETASIS DualMode.

The EFRP-G40A and EFRP-G55A are common redundant power supplies (CRPS) with dimensions of 73.5mm (W) x 185mm (D) x 39mm (H) with output power of 400W and 550W respectively. They have more than 90% efficiency from 20% to 100% of rated load with a power factor greater or equal to 0.95 at full load. Stringent protections for output short-circuits, overload, over-voltage, over-temperature and input under-voltage are standard features as well as no load operation.

AC-DC ETASIS DualMode is active in setups utilizing one ac input power module (ACM) and one dc input power module (DCM). In DualMode, the ACM is configured to take on 100% load share, while the DCM waits in standby. If the ACM is not available due to ac loss, power failure or power module extraction, the DCM simultaneously starts-up, providing an uninterruptible power solution.

"We are excited about our new CRPS power modules", said Ricky Lin, director of ETASIS research and development. "If configured in ETASIS DualMode, companies now have greater flexibility and reliability to ensure the safety of their systems."