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AC-DC PCB-Mounted Power Modules Deliver up to 5 Watts

April 17, 2018 by Paul Shepard

PalPilot has launched the PGC30SM series, a new generation of ac-dc power modules, comprising of 5 models with power up to 5 Watts. Models are available with single or dual output and voltage configurations from 3.3- to 24-Vdc.

The fully encapsulated modules are available for PCB-mounting with solder pins that are pin-to-pin compatible with standard EI-30 lamination modules while delivering more power.

The PGC30SM Series ac-dc power modules are designed for direct installation on a printed circuit board, saving valuable development time for PCB design and application flexibility.

Input range 100- to 240-Vac and Class II protection qualify the power supplies for a wide range of applications in commercial or industrial equipment. The operating temperature range is specified for -25°C to +50°C without power derating.

All modules within the series offer isolation voltage of 3000Vdc (for one second), continuous short-circuit protection and overload protection.

Other electrical specifications of the series include ripple and noise of 5% (peak-peak maximum) and output voltage tolerances of 5% maximum. Meeting international safety standards including EMI compliance meeting EN55022, the devices also feature a rigid housing case.

Another key feature is that these modules meet strict no-load power consumption limits of 0.3W maximum to ensure end products will comply with energy-efficiency standards worldwide.

Applications are expected to include:

  • Process Control
  • Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Factory Automation Equipment

Samples of the PGC30SM Series ac-dc power modules are available from PalPilot with short lead times and in low minimum order quantities.