New Industry Products

800V SSR with Increased Output-Pin Clearance

March 10, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (ICD), Inc. announced the immediate availability of the PLB171P, 800V, single-pole, normally closed (1-Form-B) Solid State Relay (SSR) with an 80mA load current rating. The PLB171P is specially designed to provide 7mm of separation between the two output pins and uses optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide an enhanced input-to-output isolation of 5000Vrms. Its optically coupled outputs, which use the patented OptoMOS architecture, are controlled by a highly-efficient infrared LED.

The PLB171 is designed to replace, and offers superior reliability over, electromechanical relays. This device provides bounce-free switching in a compact surface mount package. The device features a low 2mA input LED current to activate the bidirectional relay, composed of two MOSFETs in an ‘ac switch’ configuration.

The 800V load voltage rating and the output pin clearance distance makes this device suitable for security system applications, instrumentation, multiplexers, data acquisition, electronic switching, I/O subsystems, meters (watt-hour, water, gas), medical equipment (patient/equipment isolation), automotive high voltage circuitry, aerospace and industrial controls.

Coupled with the Zilog MCUs as controllers and drivers, it enables digital power control to reduce power consumption, activate actuators, valves, sensors and other devices. With its ac capabilities, the PLB171P is suited for reducing standby power consumption by cutting the power to devices that are not in use, thus reducing ‘Vampire Power’.

Approvals include: UL Certified Component: File E76270, EN/IEC 60950 Certified Component, and TUV Certificate B 13 12 82667 003. The PLB171 SSR is available in production quantities.