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700V and 600V Super Junction MOSFETs with 30% Better Figure-of-Merit

July 01, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited announced the release of 700V and 600V αMOS5™ Super Junction MOSFET families in 300mm technologies. αMOS5 is the company's latest generation of high voltage MOSFET, designed to meet the high-efficiency and high-density needs for quick charger, pc power, adapter, server, industrial power, telecom, and hyperscale datacenter applications.

AOS designed the new αMOS5 family to fit into a variety of hard and soft switching topologies including PFC, flyback, LLC, ZVS, and other resonant structures.

With 30% lower "RDS x A" compared to the previous generation, AOS says αMOS5 helps further reduce the switching and conduction losses, and drives SMPS design's efficiency to the next level.

The new 700V and 600V αMOS5 Super Junction MOSFET families will be produced in AOS' 300mm fab to ensure the company's competence in technology, quality, and capacity for worldwide OEM and ODM customers.

Both the 700V and 600V αMOS5 Super Junction MOSFET families offer a broad selection of RDS(on) and package options for applications of different power ratings and design form factors. AOS says its best-In-class component is a 600V 40mOhm device in a TO-247 package.

"AOS' 10 years of High Voltage MOSFET development experience, proprietary silicon know-how, and our 300mm process technologies give us the competitive advantage to bring the most well-balanced and reliable Super Junction MOSFET to the market. Our 'Tunable Switching Technology' allows a wide range of dV/dt and makes it possible to achieve the best efficiency in fast switching applications, as well as addressing EMI and Avalanche/UIS challenges without compromising efficiency. The vast choices of AOS High Voltage MOSFET portfolios in RDS(ON), BVdss, and package provide complete solutions for both low power and high power SMPS designs," said Richard Zhang, Director, High Voltage MOSFET Product Line at AOS.


  • Proprietary aMOS5TM technology
  • Low RDS(ON)
  • Optimized switching parameters for better EMI performance
  • Enhanced body diode for robustness and fast reverse recovery

Pricing and Availability

As part of the first wave release, AOTF190A60CL (600V 190mΩ), AOTF380A60CL (600V 380mΩ) and AOD600A70R (700V 600mΩ) are immediately available for mass production. For 1000pcs, the unit prices are $1.0950 for AOTF380A60CL, $1.485 for AOTF190A60CL, and $0.72 for AOD600A70R.