New Industry Products

600W Half-Brick DC-DC Converters with 200- to 425-Vdc Input

January 02, 2020 by Paul Shepard

TDK Corporation announced the introduction of 600W model to the TDK-Lambda PH-A series of DC-DC power modules with high voltage dc input. PH-A Series range now include 50, 75, 100, 300 and 600W outputs. The 600W model will be available for sales from January 2020 through TDK-Lambda Corporation.

Main applications are expected to include; Robot controllers, Factory Automation (FA), Telecommunication (ICT) equipment, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and so on.

PH600A280 designed with TDK’s original transformer configuration (patent pending), optimized mechanism design, and achieved industry’s half-brick size, smallest design in its class (50% smaller than TDK’s current products). Power conversion efficiency is also improved 2%. This will contribute to the miniaturization and energy saving at customer devices.

Like the 300W models, 600W model has also been certified to meet the EN62477-1 Safety Standards (overvoltage category III). This will be beneficial to the customer for obtaining IEC60204-1 International Machine Safety Standards. By having PH600A280, Insulation transformer may be removed from the distribution board. This will help customer devices be smaller, lighter and lower in total cost.

The customer can also design their external input e-cap bank to suit the required hold-up time. This flexibility is good for hold-up time critical application such as Robot controllers and Factory Automation.

Main features and benefits

  • Ultra-small: Industry smallest in its class, half-brick size with 600W output (50% smaller compared to current products)
  • Highly efficient: 93% (280Vdc input)
  • Conducted cooling in a board mount type
  • Safety standard certifications: UL/CSA/EN62368-1, EN62477-1 OVC III (overvoltage category III)
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to +100°C (base plate temperature)