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40V MOSFETs for Synchronous Rectification in SMPS

March 14, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Infineon Technologies AG introduced its new OptiMOS™ 6 family of MOSFETs. Based on the company's thin wafer technology, it enables significant performance benefits and will cover a wide voltage range. Infineon will showcase the new OptiMOS 6 family at the APEC 2019 exhibition in Anaheim, CA.

The company optimized the new 40V MOSFETs for synchronous rectification in SMPS for servers, desktop PCs, wireless chargers, quick chargers, and ORing circuits. SMPS. Other potential applications include servers, telecom, drives, and multi-copters.

Compared to the previous generation, the new OptiMOS 6 40V delivers a 30% reduced on-state resistance and improved figure of merits (Q g x RDS(on) down by 29% and Q gd x RDS(on) down by 46%). Consequently, used in SMPS applications, the devices are suitable for efficiency optimization over a wide range of output power, avoiding the performance trade-off between low and high load conditions.

The efficiency curve clearly reveals that OptiMOS 6 outperforms previous generation products at low output power levels due to its better switching performance.

At the low output power range, the switching losses dominate the efficiency curve. The OptiMOS 6 power MOSFET BSC010N04LS6 achieves a much better efficiency in this range compared to the same RDS(on) OptiMOS 5 due to its superior switching performance.

Moreover, at a higher output power, where the RDS(on) losses are getting more dominant, the OptiMOS 6 can maintain the

advantage, resulting in a better performance throughout the whole operating range. This switching performance improvement leads to easier thermal designs and less paralleling efforts resulting in lower system cost.

Benefits Compared to Alternative Products

  • RDS(on) reduced by 30%
  • Improved FOM Qg x RDS(on) by 29%
  • Improved FOM Qgd x RDS(on) by 46%
  • Optimized for synchronous rectification
  • Suited for ORing circuits
  • RoHS compliant - halogen free
  • MSL1 rated

Key features

  • Highest system efficiency
  • Less paralleling required
  • Increased power density
  • Very low voltage overshoot
  • Reduced need for snubber circuit
  • System cost reduction


The OptiMOS 6 power MOSFET 40V family is available in two different packages:

  • SuperSO8, 5mm x 6mm, RDS(on) ranging from 5.9mΩ down to 0.7mΩ
  • PQFN 3mm x 3mm, 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm, RDS(on) ranging from 6.3mΩ down to 1.8mΩ.

Infineon at APEC 2019

Infineon invites attendees of APEC 2019 in Anaheim, CA, USA; 17 - 21 March to visit the company at booth #711.