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4-Channel Voltage Bus and 4-Channel High-Side Current Shunt Monitor

June 03, 2018 by Paul Shepard

The NCP45491 from ON Semiconductor is a high-performance monolithic IC which can be used to monitor bus voltage and current on four high-voltage power supplies simultaneously. The HV bus voltages and currents are translated to a low-voltage power domain and multiplexed onto a single differential output for measurement externally by common ADCs.

The device is configurable to operate either standalone or as a pair, permitting up to eight separate HV power supplies to be monitored and measured.

Applications are expected to include power monitoring, power management and power control loops in a variety of products including: graphics cards, desktop computers, notebooks, set-top boxes, enterprise servers, telecommunications equipment, and so on.

The NCP45491 includes an ultra-low offset shunt amplifier allows for accurate current monitoring of the four supplies; translates four channels of Bus voltages up to 26 V to low voltage signals for accurate monitoring of Bus voltages; and has a single clock for channel switching which allows for simple monitoring of all 8 channels.

Summary of features:

  • Translates and scales voltage and currents on buses up to 26V
  • Single device monitors up to 4 supplies
  • Ultra-low offset shunt amplifier (<150μV)
  • May Be Paired for Monitoring Up To Eight Supplies
  • Very low power down current
  • All Channels Individually Gain Programmable by External Resistor Selection
  • Fast Settling Time
  • Real-Time Indication of All Bus Voltages Valid
  • Adjustable Output Common-Mode Voltage Adapts to Most External ADCs
  • Lead-Free Device

NCP45491 block diagram (click on diagram to enlarge)