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3A Integrated FET Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter

August 09, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The BD9D300MUV from Rohm Semiconductor is a synchronous buck switching regulator with built-in low on-resistance power MOSFETs. This device is capable of providing current up to 3A. It operates high oscillating frequency with low inductance.

It has original on-time control system which can operate low power consumption in light load condition. This IC is designed for reducing standby power consumption of equipment.

Targeted applications include: step-down power supply for SoCs, FPGAs, and microprocessors; laptop PCs, tablet PCs, and servers; LCD TVs; storage devices (HDD / SSD); 2-series cell Li-ion battery-powered devices; printers and OA equipment; and distributed power supplies or secondary power supplies.

Key Specifications

  • Input voltage range: 4V to 17V
  • Output voltage range: 0.9V to 5.25V
  • Output current: 3A (Max)
  • Switching frequency: 1.25MHz (Typ)
  • High-side FET RDS(on): 110mΩ (Typ)
  • Low-side FET RDS(on): 50mΩ (Typ)
  • Shutdown current: 3μA (Typ)
  • Operating quiescent current: 2 µA (Typ)

Summary of Features

  • Single synchronous buck dc-dc converter
  • On-time control
  • Light load mode control
  • Over current protection (OCP)
  • Short circuit protection (SCP)
  • Thermal shutdown protection (TSD)
  • Under voltage lockout protection (UVLO)
  • Adjustable soft start
  • Power good output
  • Over voltage protection (OVP)
  • VQFN016V3030 package (3.00mm x 3.00mm x 1.00mm) with backside heat dissipation