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385Vdc Surge Protectors for Railway Converters

June 11, 2018 by Paul Shepard

RECOM has added the RSP-168 surge protectors to their portfolio, which allow dc-dc converters to meet both RIA12 and NF F 01-510 surge immunity specifications for railway applications. Three versions cover the wide range of RECOM’s railway certified dc-dc converters from 20W up to 240W.

The RSPxxx-168 series are surge protector modules designed to protect railway dc-dc converters from excessive voltage surges of up to 385Vdc. The output voltage tracks the input voltage up to 165Vdc, thereafter the output voltage is clamped to prevent damage to the converter from input over-voltage conditions that cannot normally be filtered out.

There are three options available: the RSP20-168 is suitable for up to 20W, the RSP150-168 for up to 150W and the RSP300-168 for up to 300W converters. To achieve compliancy with both the RIA12 and NF F 01-510 surge immunity specifications, these modules are simply connected in series with the input of the dc-dc converter.

These units are specified for input voltages from 40-Vdc to 160-Vdc. The 20W RSP20-168 is packaged in a DIP24 configuration. The RSP150-168 and the RSP300-168 measure 1.6” x 1”.  All three models have an operating temperature range of -40 to +95 degrees C.

Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from RECOM.