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35A Diode Bridge Features Enhanced Thermal Performance

March 08, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The newly-developed D35XB80 from Shindengen Electric has the same appearance as the standard 5S package of insulated SIP single-phase bridge diodes but achieves a new maximum rated current of 35A. A new "5S GEN2" structure is used in order to improve heat dissipation performance. Illustrated above are the terminal temperature measurement results (average forward current IF (AV) = 35A).

A renovation of the internal structures has achieved terminal temperatures of 100°C or lower even when average forward current IF (AV) is 35A, while also maintaining a surge forward current IFSM of 500A (With 25°C water cooled heat dissipation fins attached).

The increased current capacity makes this bridge diode suitable for high performance, large scale air conditioners and other applications which require high power operation.

D35XB80 diode bridge

Shindengen plans to continue to develop and release more next-generation bridge diodes using "5S GEN2" later this year.

Summary of Features

  • Insulated SIP single-phase bridge diodes
  • Average forward current IF (AV) = 35A (Tc = 93°C)
  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage VRRM = 800V
  • Surge forward current IFSM = 550A (50Hz), 603A (60 Hz)
  • Reverse recovery time trr = 27μs (max.)
  • Thermal resistance Rth (jc) = 0.8°C/W (max.)
  • Isolation voltage Vdis = 2.5kV (UL1557 certified)