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30V 2A PWM DC-DC Converter with EMI Noise Reduction

Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) B.V. Semiconductor Support Centre has launched the R1275, a high-efficiency, 2A synchronous step-down DC/DC converter with a wide input voltage range up to 30V and has two options to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI).

It allows connecting to a variety of input sources, such as battery-powered portable devices, industrial supplies and automotive batteries.

There are many ways to reduce radiated and conducted EMI significantly, but few are as simple as using a Spread Spectrum Clock Generator (SSCG). The idea behind using SSCG is to modulate the clock frequency mildly, which results in spreading the EMI energy amongst many frequencies instead of concentrated at one frequency. This way, the amount of potential interference of the base frequency and its harmonics is reduced considerably.

The switching frequency is internally set to 2MHz, but it is also possible to synchronize with another DC/DC Converter by applying an external clock signal from 1.8MHz to 2.2MHz. Especially in case the power supply consists of multiple DC/DC converters, the individual switching frequencies can result in a significant noise in common ground wiring. By synchronizing all DC/DC converters to one frequency, the resulting noise is easier to filter out and will not interfere with the control of the converters.


About Ricoh

Ricoh Electronic Devices Company, Ltd. (REDC) is a leading global provider of semiconductor products, offering a comprehensive portfolio of CMOS Power Management and Real Time Clock IC solutions that enable engineers to design advanced applications for the consumer, industrial, Internet of Things (IoT), medical and automotive markets.

REDC has extensive expertise in small-sized products providing low-supply current, high-accuracy, high efficiency and high-reliability.

With certificates for quality management (ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949) and environmental management (ISO14001), REDC strives to provide high quality products and solutions with less impact on the global environment.

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