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300A, Three-Level NPC Module with Integrated Snubber Capacitors for UPS and Solar

February 07, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Vincotech introduced its new three-level NPC module, the flowNPC 2, that the company says helps you get the most out of your solar inverter. The integrated on-board capacitors reduce the voltage over-shoot by 40%, thereby enabling higher dc-link voltages and smaller passive components.

The company optimized the chipset or the new flowNPC 2 module to enhance efficiency at real power while preserving its reactive power capability across a wide range.

The module targets frequencies above 16kHz, and Vincotech says that the new product facilitates the design of compact and light multi-string inverters up to 125kVA. Vincotech designed the flowNPC 2 module for uninterruptible power supplies and solar. Enhanced efficiency maximizes return on investment, and press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM drive down manufacturing costs, according to the company.

The module features three-level neutral-point, clamped topology. The device integrates snubber capacitors and employs the latest chip technology from multiple sources. Available with solder or press-fit pins, the device is also offered with an optional phase-change material.

Schematic Diagram


  • Enables higher input voltages with 40% lower voltage overshoot
  • Chip combination optimized for solar applications
  • Out with bulky passive components, in with compact, light multi-string inverter designs (up to 125kVA)
  • Enhanced efficiency maximizes ROI
  • Press-fit pins and pre-applied TIM drive down manufacturing costs
  • Three-level Neutral Point Clamped topology
  • Integrated snubber capacitors
  • Latest chip technology from multiple sources
  • Low inductive flow 2 package
  • Available with solder or press-fit pins
  • Optional phase-change material

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Samples of the new flowNPC 2 featuring integrated snubber capacitors are available through Vincotech's usual channels. The company will showcase this NPC module and other products including motion control, EV charging, energy storage, and solar power modules at APEC 2019, March 18 through 21 in Anaheim, CA.