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3-Watt Dual-Output SIP6 DC-DC Converter

August 01, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Aimtec has introduced its first ever 3-Watt single- and dual-output dc-dc converter in a compact SIP6 package. With a 4:1 ultra-wide input range, from 4.5- to 75-Vdc, the AM3A-Z comes with 1600Vdc isolation and a regulated output.

This is the smallest regulated and isolated 3-Watt converter ever designed by Aimtec.

This compact design comes with a high efficiency up to 84%, no minimum load requirement and continuous short circuit protection. Furthermore, the ambient operating temperature is from -40°C to +76°C with full power up to 71°C.

This truly innovative series can be used for applications that have limited board space such as mobile phone chargers, portable electronics, IoT and wireless applications.

Features include

  • I/O Isolation 1600Vdc
  • Continuous Short circuit protection
  • Operating Temp: -40 °C to +76 °C
  • Compact Footprint and high-power Density
  • 4:1 Input Voltage Range
  • Compact SIP6
  • ON/OFF Control
  • Efficiency up to 84%