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3-Channel Synchronous DC-DC Converter IC with Independent Reset Control

March 19, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The APW7445 from Anpec Electronics Corp. is a three-channel synchronous mode pwm converter with 2.5A continuous current capability for one channel and 1.5A continuous current capability for the other two channels.

The device also features independent reset control to eliminate the need for external components. The APW7445 complies with the LPDDR4 JEDEC power on/off specification. Anpec offers a demonstration board for the APW7445 (pictured above).

Summary of features:

APW7445 pin outs

  • Input Voltage range : 4.5V to 5.5V
  • 5A/1.5A/1.5A Output Current on Channel1/2/3.
  • Low IQ=200uA (typ.) to improve Light Load Efficiency
  • Typical 0.6V ±1% Internal Reference Voltage
  • Optimized Upper and Lower MOSFETs RDS_on for max Efficiency:
    • N-CH MOSFET (120 mΩ) for CH1/2/3 High Side.
    • N-CH MOSFET (30 mΩ) for CH1 Low Side.
    • N-CH MOSFET (50 mΩ) for CH2/3 Low Side.

Anpec is showing the APW7445 at the 2019 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference in Anaheim, California.