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3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver ICs With Sensorless Vector Control Rated for 250V & 600V

July 20, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Sanken Semiconductors introduced the SX68200M series of 3-phase brushless motor drivers which integrate output transistors, pre-drive circuits, and bootstrap diodes with current-limiting resistors.

A sinusoidal driving strategy with sensorless vector control of the SX68200M series brings small-sized, high-efficiency, and low-noise motor controlling into your application, according to Sanken. These products can run on a 3-shunt current detection system, and they optimally control the inverter systems of medium-capacity motors that require universal input standards. The drivers can be used to control fan motors for air conditioning and air purifiers, and they can be used to control stand-alone electric fans.

The motor drivers offer EEPROM as control parameter storage, and they provide two, speed control (PI Control) Modes; analog voltage control via the VSP Pin, and serial communication control (I2C compatible).

Internal block diagram (Click on image to enlarge)

Protections include under-voltage protection, watchdog timeout detection, and memory error detection; over-voltage protection and under-voltage lockout for main power supply; soft over-current protection; hard over-current protection; thermal warning; TSD operating temperature; under-voltage lockout for logic supply; and loss-of-synchronization protection.


  • Sinusoidal Current Waveform (Low Noise, High Efficiency) Sensorless Vector Control (High Efficiency at Load Variation, Small Size)
  • Built-in Bootstrap Diodes with Current-limiting Resistors
  • EEPROM as a Control Parameter Storage
  • Two Speed Control (PI Control) Modes:
  • Analog Voltage Control (VSP Pin)
  • Serial Communication Control (I2C Compatible)
  • 3-shunt Current Detection
  • DIAG Pin Fault Signal Output


  • Under-voltage Protection
  • Watchdog Timeout Detection
  • Memory Error Detection
  • Over-voltage Protection and Undervoltage Lockout for Main Power Supply
  • Soft Over-current Protection
  • Hard Over-current Protection
  • Thermal Warning
  • TSD Operating Temperature
  • Under-voltage Lockout for Logic Supply
  • Loss-of-Synchronization Protection