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2.8kW 3-Phase Motor Drive Evaluation Board

March 03, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The EVAL-M3-IM564 from Infineon is an evaluation board as part of the iMOTION™ Modular Application Design Kit. This power board includes a PFC-integrated 3-phase CIPOS™ Mini Intelligent Power Module (IPM) for motor drive application. In combination with the control board equipped with the M3 30-pin interface connector such as EVAL-M3-102T, it features and demonstrates Infineon's CIPOS™ Mini IPM technology and Advanced Motion Control Engine (MCE 2.0) technology to drive permanent magnet motors over the full speed range.

The inverter section is rated for 600V and 20A per phase. It is optimized to major home appliances like air conditioners and low power motor drive application with high frequency switching operation of power factor correction.

Potential Applications

  • Home appliances
  • Room air conditioners
  • Motor control and drives
  • Motor control for industrial automation
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

The EVAL-M3-IM564 is designed to support customers during their first steps of designing applications with CIPOS™ Mini PFC-integrated IPMs. As a part of iMOTION™ Modular Application Design Kit, the combination of this power board and matching control board EVAL-M3-102T creates a powerful inverter + PFC system.

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It incorporates a CoolMOS™ Power MOSFET and a rapid switching diode for the PFC stage to increase PFC switching frequency up to 150kHz and this enables significant inductor size reduction for high power density with small system size and it enables rapid prototyping of various inverterized motor control systems in combination with active PFC.

EVAL-M3-IM564 block diagram. (click on image to enlarge)

Summary of Features

  • Input voltage 160- to 265-Vac
  • Maximum 2800W motor power output
  • Power factor correction
  • On board EMI filter
  • Current sensing with single shunt
  • Auxiliary power supply with 15V, 3.3V
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overtemperature hardware protection
  • Sensing of dc-link voltage
  • Thermistor output
  • Fault diagnostic output
  • Measurement test-points compatible to standard oscilloscope probes
  • PCB is 148mm × 165mm and has two layers with 35μm copper each
  • RoHS compliant


  • Evaluate IM564-X6D module for your application
  • Get your motor running within one hour in combination with EVAL-M3-102T
  • Learn more about motor control in low voltage domain