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18kW Power Shelves Compatible with Open Compute Rack Designs

August 15, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Bel Power Solutions and Protection announces the SPSPFE3-05G and SPSPFE3-06G power shelves, which provide rectification, system management and power distribution from 3-phase ac (3W+N+PE) power into a main output of 12Vdc for powering intermediate bus architectures up to 15kW (5+1) high performance servers, routers and network switches.

Each SPSPFE3 shelf can be configured with up to 6X PFE3000-12-069RA or TET3000-12-069RA power supplies, which are both hot swap and redundancy capable, and contain two 3-phase AC inputs (one inlet powers 3 power modules). Featuring full digital controls for improved performance, cooling is managed by a fan controlled by the DSP controller.

The shelf is compatible with the Open Compute rack design with single or triple output bus bar (SPSPFE3-05G triple; SPSPFE3-06G single). Applications are expected to include high-performance servers, routers and switches.

The shelf has an optional slot for Network Attached Controller for providing control functions and monitoring through a 10/100 MB base Ethernet port and can be connected directly to the data center management network.

Key features and benefits:

  • Two 3-Phase inputs, one ac inlet powers 3 power modules.
  • Modules are hot-swap capable.
  • Modules support I2C communication interface for control, programming and monitoring with PMBus® protocol.
  • Modules implement the following protections: Overtemperature, output overvoltage and output overcurrent.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Available for OCP V1 and V2 bus-bar style connection.