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1200V, 450A Half-Bridge Module Maximizes the Benefits of SiC

July 08, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Wolfspeed has developed the XM3 power module platform to maximize the benefits of SiC, while keeping the module and system design robust, simple, and cost effective. With half the weight and volume of a standard 62mm module, the XM3 power module maximizes power density while minimizing loop inductance and enabling simple power bussing.

The XM3's SiC optimized packaging enables 175°C continuous junction operation, with a high reliability Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) power substrate to ensure mechanical robustness under extreme conditions. The XM3 is designed for demanding applications such as EV chargers, UPS, and traction drives.

The CRD300DA12E-XM3 300kW three-phase inverter reference design from Wolfspeed demonstrates high system-level power density and efficiency obtained by using Wolfspeed's new XM3 module platform. The XM3 is optimized for SiC MOSFETs in a high-density, low-inductance footprint, which can reduce system losses and simplify overall design for low-loss, high-frequency operation.

The three-phase inverter reference design has greater than 2X the power density of comparable Si based designs and greater than 98% efficiency.

XM3 Module - SiC optimized footprint.

XM3 module features:

  • High Power Density Footprint
  • High Temperature (175°C) Operation
  • Low Inductance (6.7nH) Design
  • Implements Conduction-Optimized Third Generation MOSFET Technology


  • Terminal layout allows for direct bus bar connection without bends or bushings enabling a simple, low inductance design.
  • Isolated integrated temperature sensing enables high-level temperature protection.
  • Dedicated drain Kelvin pin enables direct voltage sensing for gate driver overcurrent protection.
  • Silicon-nitride insulator and copper baseplate ensures mechanical robustness.