New Industry Products

100-Watt & 200-Watt Resonant Capacitive Wireless Power Dev Platforms

March 29, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Solace Power announced the release of two new modular, 2nd generation development platforms sharing the same Equus™ architecture and enabling up to 200 Watts of transmitted power with sizable x, y & z freedom of design.

Using proprietary electric field-based technology, Equus delivers wireless power at greater distances with multiple benefits, including flexible product design and built-in safety features.

Known for its electric field-based platforms, which do not heat metal and batteries or require expensive coils, Solace has released two production ready, higher power development systems in the Equus family to new customers for reliable, truly decoupled power, sense and data applications. These platforms are the Equus100 and Equus200.

Utilizing Solace's patented resonant capacitive coupling (RC²) technology, Equus delivers 200W across 250mm. RC² provides non-contact, wireless powering and charging of products and systems through resonant electric fields. Wireless power transfer through electric fields does not heat metal objects and allows for easy energy shielding with conductive material.

Equus solutions provide noncontact, wireless powering and charging of products and systems through resonant electric fields, without heating nearby metal objects. Solace designs thin, foil-like resonators to provide easy and lightweight energy shielding with conductive materials.


  • Wireless power transfer solution with up to 200W of transmitted power for fixed-distance transmissions
  • Proximity sensing for lighting (ON/OFF), security or fluid detection
  • Enhanced with data transmission capabilities
  • Resonator design and output voltage are customizable based on product requirements
  • 56MHz ISM band operating frequency
  • Integrated communications for Tx-Rx control and monitoring

Solace Power also offers Equus Flex, a 100W variable-distance wireless power solution utilizing Solace Power's patented resonant capacitive coupling (RC²) technology enhanced with data and capacitive sense capabilities. This solution provides non-contact, wireless powering and charging of products and systems through resonant electric fields.

Equus Flex features an integrated impedance matching network enabling continuous power transfer over a range of displacements and environmental changes. The solution can be customized to perform at distances and impedance specific to product needs. The Equus Flex solution does not heat metal objects and is easily shielded with lightweight conductive material.

"We have listened to our partners and have developed a platform which improves design cycle times and delivers the production features they want to our industry workhorse solution Equus. Solace focuses on delivering complete, yet modular, systems which are pre-tested for CISPR/FCC compliance and optimized in-house for rapid development in real world applications" said Michael Gotlieb, CEO, Solace Power.

"Aerospace slip-ring replacement, automotive seating and lighting, small autonomous vehicles and medical carts are already reaping the benefits of these new platforms" added Gotlieb.