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Using AI To Develop the EV Charging Infrastructure

October 06, 2023 by John Nieman

Freewire Technologies has developed a tool that combines AI and data analysis to help engineers as they expand the infrastructure needed to enhance the electric vehicle market.  

The electric vehicle (EV) market is one part of the collective pivot to renewable energy, but in order for this market to continue growing steadily, the appropriate infrastructure needs to be expanded. 


Data analytics through AI can help determine the best locations for EV charging stations.

Data analytics through AI can help determine the best locations for EV charging stations. Image used courtesy of Pexels

Engineers can utilize AI to help advance market understanding and awareness. Data analytics can provide crucial insight into how EV charging station availability impacts consumer adoption. While an EV might be an attractive purchase for consumers looking to save money at the gas pump, no one wants to be inconvenienced with cumbersome charging challenges. 


EV Charging Convenience and Driver Perceptions

The EV market has started to lag overall, including in some surprising places like California, where consumers have historically been at the front edge of clean energy trends. Some suggest those motivated by climate change concerns have already bought into the EV market, and remaining consumers will need to be enticed away from their internal combustion engines by a frictionless and easy EV-owning experience.

Because drivers don’t see EV charging stations with the same ubiquity as gas stations, some may worry about accessibility issues for road trips or even to counteract poor planning if they leave home with a car barely charged. While it is possible to charge at home using a standard outlet, doing so is much slower, and an overnight charge might last only 36 to 40 miles. For some commuters, the prospect of forgetting to plug in one night and a dearth of charging stations in their area are enough to cause EV hesitation when making their next vehicle purchase. 

Engineers can contribute to the solution when building more EV charging stations that improve convenience and accessibility. 


Using AI to Predict EV Charging Location Success 

A tool created by Freewire Technologies, Mobilyze Pro, allows EV charging stations to be located where they will thrive. 

Mobilyze Pro uses a combination of AI capabilities and algorithms to analyze sets of variables that will predict optimal EV charging sites. By using travel patterns, current EV driver behavior, market conditions, and existing proximity to other charging locations, Mobilyze Pro shows exactly where investments should be made to support the growing EV charging market, capitalizing on the growing EV infrastructure market. 

Despite some slowing in the purchasing rate of electric vehicles, Grand View research reported that in 2022, the estimated value of EV charging infrastructure was $3.15 billion. It was projected to increase at 29.1% annually until 2030. These growth projections, combined with tools like Mobilyze Pro, are more than enough to expand this market as EV charging stations become the norm rather than a novelty. 


Projected EV infrastructure market.

Projected EV infrastructure market. Image used courtesy of Grand View Research


It is worth noting how much of the market’s potential is in the fast-charger portion. And this is predictable from a consumer standpoint because it is the fast-charging stations that people need to accommodate daily convenience and reduce the burden on consumers to plan carefully how they charge their vehicles.  

The EV market is replete with potential, and those capable of building up the infrastructure are primed to make great gains. Tools like Mobilyze Pro will move us toward the day when EV charging stations are seemingly on every corner rather than only in the greener hubs of clean energy-conscious communities.